Scabies is an infection caused by tiny mites (smaller than crabs) that burrow under your skin.


Scabies are hard to see, and are usually noticed within 1 month of exposure. The most common symptoms are a rash or itching caused by the mite burrowing under the skin to lay eggs. The mites prefer warm areas such as your armpits and groin, and are also commonly found in the spaces between your fingers and toes.


Scabies is passed on by skin to skin contact, sexual or otherwise. It’s difficult to prevent initial infection. To prevent recurrences, wash all fabrics that may have come into contact with the mites in hot soapy water. All contacts including partners and roommates need to have treatment and it is advisable to repeat it after 7 days.


Scabies is treated with a prescription cream. It’s the same medication used to treat crabs, but in a stronger concentration. Itching may take longer to disappear than the scabies themselves.

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