A viral infection of your skin caused by a pox virus.


Lesions usually occur between 2-12 weeks after exposure. They look like waxy pimples with a dimple in the middle, and can appear in the genital area and elsewhere. Sexually transmitted lesions are usually found on the lower abdomen, pubic area and thighs.


Molluscum can be transmitted by sexual and non-sexual skin to skin contact. Only an area covered by latex is protected from the virus. To help prevent transmission, examine your sex partner’s skin and wash thoroughly after sex.


Molluscum is treated by freezing or scraping the lesions off the body, or the core of the lump, which contains the virus, can be extracted with a fine needle. It can’t be completely cured, but symptoms can be eliminated.

What else you should know

Early treatment is important, since molluscum lesions can grow and spread over time. Immune compromised individuals are at particular risk for larger lesions and greater spread.

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