What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine and Bumper
Ketamine and a bumper

Ketamine, K, or special K was originally created for use as an anaesthetic in humans, though it's use today is usually limited to children, the elderly, and mostly by veterinarians. It is a dissociative anaesthetic, which can separate perception from sensation, similar to drugs like PCP and nitrous oxide. Ketamine in it's "pure" form is a liquid that is cooked down to a powder to be snorted, often from a bumper or other device. Taking too much K can result in an effect called a "k-hole", where the user reports an ability to move, or get their body to react to what they want. For many people, a K-hole can be a frightening experience, and are unable to communicate that they are in one.

What Are The Effects?

Low Doses

  • Feeling of lightness, dreamy and relaxed

Higher Doses

  • Users typically experience a "k-hole", which some report feels like an out of body experience

Safer Usage Tips

  • Low doses of K can increase heart rate, at higher doses, it can depress the central nervous system, so be careful when mixing with other drugs like G, or Alcohol
  • If injecting K, always use a clean needle, and inject it into muscle, never into the vein.

What Else Should I Know?

  • K can be psychologically addictive
  • Some users report nausea after taking K.
  • In the United States and many other countries, K is illegal, and posession can result in prison terms.

Additional Resources

  • Ketamine [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketamine]
  • Ketamine [http://www.dancesafe.org/documents/druginfo/ketamine.php]

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