Gut Infections


Gut infections are caused by parasites or bacteria including giardia, shigella, entamoeba, salmonella and cryptosporidium.


Symptoms may show up within several hours of exposure, and include severe diarrhea, stomach cramps, excessive farting and fever.


Gut infections can be passed on sexually or through food and water. Sexual transmission can occur when small amounts of infected shit get into your mouth from your fingers, rimming, fucking, scat, or handling used dildos. Gut infections can be avoided by wearing latex gloves for assplay and by using a dam for rimming. Also helpful in prevention are: washing your hands after handling used condoms or after any assplay, not sharing insertive sex toys, unless new condoms are used each time, and cleaning sex toys between uses.


Antibiotics may be used. Exact treatment varies depending on the specific infection. Anti-diarrheal treatments can make the infection worse, so only take them on recommendation of a healthcare provider.

What else you should know

Can be particularly serious for HIV+ people and lead to longer term opportunistic infections.

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