Knowledge Is Power

Making informed decisions is often the difference between a good time, and a not so good time. By making yourself informed about what you're about to partake in, you can make sure that you do it in a safer, manner, and that you have can have a good time.

Safer Sex

We all have choices to make about what we do sexually. For some, sex is central to the parties, and that's fine by us. Unsafe sex is not central to your experience any time and it shouldn't be fine with anyone. Safer sex can be - and is - hot, authentic and intimate.

Using condoms and talking about HIV status does not get in the way of intimacy or keep you from having the hottest sex possible. In fact, staying safe will only make parties and your time with your friends - old and new - better.

What Should You Know

Organizations involved in Safer Sex

Party Drugs

What are party drugs?

Party drugs, are drugs that are used for fun, and enjoyment, rather than those that are prescribed by a medical professional for therapudic uses, and commonly include drugs like alcohol, GHB, ecstasy, crystal meth, ketamine, acid and several other drugs. Most of these drugs are illegal to poses or use in the United States, though are readily available in many situations.

Below, you'll find a list of common party drugs, their effects, and suggestions on safer use of these drugs. While there is no "safe" way to use drugs, there are ways to reduce the risks that you take if you do choose to use them. Following these guidelines may help to keep you safer, and out of the hospital.

Be Prepared!

Think about taking antacids like Zantac, Pepcid, Tagamet or Prilosec before heading out to the club.

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